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Welcome, summer!

Welcome back to my blog! It's been a while and I thought there's no better time than the beginning of summer for a fresh new start on the blog and at our cottage on the East Coast.

So I went shopping at Maze Home!

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D. Porthault: A history and appreciation from Joan Carl

A big thank you to everyone who attended our D. Porthault preview party (photo album here) and trunk show last week. It was wonderful to introduce Joan Carl, owner and vice chairman, to our community and expand the knowledge of and appreciation for these iconic French linens.

Joan met with our staff that Tuesday morning, regaling us with stories of her longtime connection to D. Porthault, the company's unique history, and rare pieces from their archives.

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Meet Joan Carl, Owner of D. Porthault

We're getting ready for next week's trunk show and I thought it would be a great time to briefly introduce you to our guest of honor, Joan Carl, owner and vice chairman of D. Porthault Paris.

Joan is a very accomplished woman - a wonderful mother of three, a champion of French-American cultural exchange, a supporter of the arts, a successful business woman and a home-and-garden-restorer extraordinaire. Plus she's charming, elegant, intellectual, animated and a joy to sit next to at a dinner party!

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Adventures in Design: High Point Market Spring 2012, Part 1

Last week my team and I spent several days intensely searching acres and acres - literally! - of the latest in home furnishings and accents at High Point Market in North Carolina to find the best for our Maze and Bardes customers. We took a few pictures  - approximately 1,981 - of the most amazing pieces. Not to worry - I'm culling it down to my top 20+ picks! Today I'll share the first round.

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Design in LA

(Bunny Williams, Cindy Galvin, Suzanne Rheinstein)
Last month I attended the 2012 Design Bloggers Conference in LA. I learned a lot, met many wonderful people - design people who "get me"! - and shopped fantastic design sources old and new.

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The Most A-Maze-ing Thing Ever: Roasted Pinecones!

As I headed out for a run in my neighborhood Thanksgiving weekend (needed it!), I noticed that the fall season, ornamental kale at the base of my boxwood planters was dying.

So I went to my favorite floral supplier -- Mother Nature -- to find their winter replacement.

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Adventures in Design: I Love London Part 4

Finally, part four of my spring visit to London to support Arkive, a unique global initiative gathering a digital library of Earth's endangered species and the habitats in which they live. A little more shopping, a little time with friends. Better late than never!

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Adventures in Design: I Love London Part 3

Congratulations and best wishes to the Royal Newlyweds! The day finally arrived and the wedding was even more glamorous, romantic and full of spectacular pageantry - as only the British can do - than I imagined. It's all captured on DVR and this weekend I'll pour myself a glass of champagne, put on my Kate Middleton "fascinator", hit "Play," and savor each and every moment.

I've considered running it on a continuous loop on our family room TV but my husband might not be into it.

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A-MAZE-ing Things: Goodnighties Sleepwear

Thank goodness for dear friends!

I have been a poor sleeper for many years since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1994. Along with pain, insomnia, night sweats and migraine headaches, I would awake in the morning feeling like I had been to a slumber party - without all the fun!

I never, ever felt fully rested.

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Adventures in Design: I Love London Part 2

Yes, I'm craaaaazy about London! The royals, the wedding, the shopping. It's all brilliant!

If you've read my earlier post about my recent trip to London, you know I had the great honor of attending a luncheon at Buckingham Palace honoring ARKive and Wildscreen, hosted by their patron Prince Philip.

It was a wonderful experience, made even better by the discovery of the Palace gift shop on the way out!

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