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As I'm closing up my cottage for the summer, I wanted to share how I use decor and design throughout my home to create a welcoming environment for my family and friends.

A monkey-knot door stop allows the light to stream in to the formal entry, creating a sunny welcome to all (and my 14 month old grandson thinks it's a fun if strange ball to play with!). There are no windows in this area of the house, so I brightened it up with soft white wainscotting and a cool blue striped wallpaper. The blue and white are repeated in accessories: candles, ceramic catch-all tray and leather frame - even my grandson's blanket!

There is a second story window in the adjoining stairway and I extend the brightness with this etched star bell jar fixture.

In all of my design projects I always bring the outside in - this time quite literally! I adore this clever golf-themed terrarium I commissioned from Maze associate and designer Barb Koskinen. She creates these fun, easy care terrariums just for Maze. We can't ship them so we boxed it up ever so carefully and I carried it in my lap on the plane. Now I'm having such fun misting it every day!

Sometimes it's jut not practical to have live flowering plants (we're away for long stretches of time), so I take advantage of the amazing faux botanicals we carry at Maze. They look so real it's unbelievable. I overheard a shopper say she'd have to have a green house to keep them looking so good. Boy was she surprised when we told her they were silk!

At the beach I can't resist a touch of the nautical like these crewel work seahorse pillows.

Even a more masculine chair and room can benefit from the soft touch of nature with a pillow like this faux bois in blue and brown.

For those days when it's raining or we just need a little break from the sun, we keep a jigsaw puzzle going on the table in the family room. Currently we're working on New York City.

And I swear there aren't enough side pieces!

Summer means fun, but alas the reality is we still have to pay bills, jot down grocery lists, etc. I make it easier on myself by keeping pens and notepads easily at hand in a favorite spot in the kitchen where I can sip my coffee and enjoy the view outside. The twine comes in handy for sending packages back home or wrapping up sandwiches for picnics on the boat.

So even the practical can be beautiful. I use trays throughout the house as pretty catch-alls for all the little necessities like candles, matchbooks, playing cards, etc.

These bone coasters come in a variety of patterns and work with almost any decor.

Man have things changed when it comes to TVs. For years we came up with all kinds of creative ways to hide our TVs - armoires, built-ins, even hydraulic lifts! No more. Flatscreen TVs are now just simply part of a room's decor. In our den, I surrounded it with the same type of blue and white accents I use elsewhere in the house.

And of course I personalized the space with my favorite "accessory" of all!

All these little touches add up to a warm, inviting home where family and guests can chat, play a game, enjoy a cocktail or a meal or just relax.

What special touches have you added to your home? I'd love to hear from you!



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