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Every Day I Think of Mom

Today, Mother’s Day, I was reading this wonderful article, The Best Style Lessons 12 Top Designers Learned from Mom and thought about how much I’ve been influenced by my mother’s style.

I have my mom’s beautiful things all around me –an Orrefors “Wish to the Moon” vase she received as a wedding present,

her perfume bottles and candlesticks,

a pair of antique Italian commodes she moved from San Francisco to our home in Cincinnati,

her Italian marquetry chairs,

these black and gold Empire andirons (perfect for my current black and gold obsession!),

the embroidered Chinese silk panel, handed down to her by her mother,

and this house blessing, which I’ve given aversion of to my son and daughter–in-law for their home.

She kept this English bowl – which first sparked my love of blue and white –filled with cherries.

She had fabulous taste and that's not something you can teach everyone.

Mom would always tell me about her collections and how they came from her mother. To this day my cabinet of antique Chinese snuff bottles is like a treasure box to a child. I look at each bottle, all of them different, and wish I could remember what my mom told me about them as she recalled what her mother taught her.

In those days, I guess the bottles were an affordable thing to collect. I didn’t even know what snuff was! I did know that I loved touching them – each one designed in a special way – made my eyes sparkle – color, pattern, shape, stones, ivory, brass, carving – so many elements that I still love today!

All from two generations of women before me. It makes me wish for a daughter . . . oh, well . . . I will have to hope my boys appreciate these precious pieces handed down from me for them to enjoy.

My mom had old world taste, but adored Asian furniture and accessories. I was born in San Francisco and remember my mom telling me that shopping at Gumps was her very favorite place to find Chinese pieces.

I still have a brass lamp with a frog on the side from her that came from Gumps. Growing up it was on our front hall table . . . each night before going upstairs to bed, Mom would turn off that lamp and say good night to that little tree frog.

That lamp is in our summer house now, and I have such warm memories when I glance at that lamp. I leave it on all day and in the evening before we go to sleep I turn it off and think of her.

Such a good lesson in buying! Select a piece that you love and that is good quality. Your children may have it some day in their home –and perhaps even your grandchildren!

It’s not just an object but a place that holds memories of your loved ones.

My mom said to me shortly before she died in 1991 that her greatest joy was having us kids. Of course I loved hearing that at the time but as my children grow now her words really resonate with me. The wisdom that we gain through years of experience allows us to listen to words in a different way.

Happy Mother’s day to my mom and to all moms!




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