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Adventures in Design: I Love New York Part 1

This Wednesday I was in designer (and star-struck celebrity) heaven.

I had a business meeting in New York with Joan Carl, owner of D. Porthault linens, and she graciously invited me to join her, Cynthia Frank and Jeff Leatham for a quick lunch at Fred's at Barneys. Cynthia is the former senior design editor for House & Garden Magazine (oh, how I miss it!) and Jeff is a floral designer extraordinaire and the artistic director of the Four Seasons George V in Paris.

With all the gabbing and giggling and storytelling and laughing about design and travel and kids and everything under the sun, our "quick lunch" lasted three hours even though we all shared salads because we didn't want to eat!

It was a delight meeting Cynthia, a dear friend of Joan's and a true design maven. She is so incredibly down to earth and unabashedly funny! She mentioned spending time in Chicago in the early '80s to produce a Chicago-focused issue for Town & Country. The cover shoot featured Lisa Cotten in front of the Hancock Building.

Our Lisa Cotten? Yes, the very same! Talk about a small world! Even then Cynthia could see Lisa was destined to do great things.

I'm positive I saved that issue of Town and Country (I've known Lisa since she was a little girl) at home and as soon as I find it I'll post it here.

I first saw Jeff - the Rock 'n' Roll Florist - on Oprah's "Dream Jobs" episode in April and fell in love. We share a passion for clean, modern yet comfortable design. And apparently we share the same taste in footwear. We both had on patent leather shoes at lunch and of course immediately formed a mutual admiration society.

And speaking of leather . . .

While we were lunching, Jeff's team was preparing 7,000 red roses for an AIDS benefit with a black and red S&M theme. Talk about being able to laugh at yourself. Hilarious!

Lunch at Fred's is always entertaining because you always see the who's who of New York. As though it weren't enough to be lunching with Cynthia, Joan and Jeff, we saw Candice Bergen by the elevators on the way out. She moves fast even in four-inch heels. Too fast, in fact, for me to catch her for a photo op!

And, be still my heart, when we returned to D. Porthault's boutique, who should we find shopping there but Mario Buatta. I was so excited I had to have my picture taken with him, too!

By the time I got in the cab for the airport, I was so high on life I could have flown home without the plane!

I've been very fortunate in my life to meet so many wonderful, famous people and I will NEVER become jaded or take it for granted! These are amazing, accomplished, talented, smart, funny people and it's my honor and privilege to know them and learn from them.

Or at least to snap a brush-with-fame photo with them!

Up next: I Love New York Part 2 -- Oh, yes, I did go to New York on business, not just for lunch and celebrity sighting. Next time I'll show you around D. Porthault's fabulous store on Park Avenue and maybe give you a little sneak peek at their new line for fall/winter 2010!


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