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A-MAZE-ing Things: D. Porthault's Tigre in Brown!

With the changing of the seasons, people feel the need to nest and prepare their homes for the coming cooler weather and -- can it really be? -- the holidays. 

Whenever anyone asks me the easiest way to update a room, my answer is always "paint the walls a new color"! It's relatively inexpensive, quick to do and not a lifelong commitment. If you don't like the new color, buy another gallon of paint in a different color and go for it!

However, sometimes you don't feel like painting or you really love the color you already have. In the bedroom, the next option is obviously your bedding. A divine option is this glorious D. Porthault Tigre pattern in a chocolate-y brown and it is to-die-for!

This pattern first gained fame (or is it infamy?) when it appeared in aqua on Samantha's bed in the first Sex in the City movie. Go tiger!

Here's a clearer image of the Tigre in aqua in these beautiful scalloped cotton napkins.

And Tigre has since been featured in the New York Times Style Magazine.

As I've mentioned before I love nature and am inspired by it daily. I especially love animals and animal prints and this one from D. Porthault makes me think of an updated hunting lodge in Scotland, a chic hotel in Aspen -- or a chateau in France.

Thank you, D. Porthault for the photo of this gorgeous, classic room!

The large scale pattern and neutral colors mean this look works with many different styles of rooms. The rich brown offers a traditional, masculine touch while the white keeps it modern and fresh. We tend to turn automatically to tan or taupe as a neutral, but as you can see dark brown works just as beautifully. It's a great foil for many accent colors, like aqua, orange or a bright green. 

For just a little touch of the tiger, this frame could work in any room in the house. I've used it in dens and bedrooms, even nurseries!

And don't forget the bathroom! These towels are thick and thirsty and would be absolutely stunning in a master bath. What a fun surprise they'd be in a guest bath!

If you're looking to warm up your home with autumn colors and textures, this animal-inspired pattern is a season-less and timeless choice.

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A-MAZE-ing Things: D. Porthault Tigre


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