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Adventures in Design: I Love Paris Part 3

The Astier de Villate shipment from my summer trip to Paris has finally arrived and we're unpacking as quickly as we can!

Seeing these beautiful dishes called to mind so many wonderful experiences in Paris - especially an amazing afternoon at the home of Juan Pablo Molyneux -  so I wanted to share some photos and memories of that day with you.

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Adventures in Design: I Love Paris Part 2

What a ball!
For the past several years, I have been honored to attend the American Friends of Versailles' Bal de Versailles. The event raises funds for the restoration of the buildings and grounds of Versailles and includes events at the palace and throughout Paris. Look at that golden sunset on the palace marble. The light here really is different!

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Adventures in Design: I Love Paris Part 1

Always in search of the best design products and inspiration for MAZE Home, I recently made a trip to Paris and have lots to share with you. Shopping, ball gowns, flea markets, lunch with one of my idols, more shopping and a picnic at the palace. Wow what a week!

I took over 1,000 photos, so get ready for some serious eye candy!

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