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A-MAZE-ing Things

The Most A-Maze-ing Thing Ever: Roasted Pinecones!

As I headed out for a run in my neighborhood Thanksgiving weekend (needed it!), I noticed that the fall season, ornamental kale at the base of my boxwood planters was dying.

So I went to my favorite floral supplier -- Mother Nature -- to find their winter replacement.

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A-MAZE-ing Things: Goodnighties Sleepwear

Thank goodness for dear friends!

I have been a poor sleeper for many years since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1994. Along with pain, insomnia, night sweats and migraine headaches, I would awake in the morning feeling like I had been to a slumber party - without all the fun!

I never, ever felt fully rested.

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A-MAZE-ing Things: D. Porthault's Tigre in Brown!

With the changing of the seasons, people feel the need to nest and prepare their homes for the coming cooler weather and -- can it really be? -- the holidays. 

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A-MAZE-ing Things: Paraguas. Parapluie. Ombrello.

Paraguas. Parapluie. Ombrello.

No matter how you say it, it's fabulous.

The Fortuny umbrella from the house of Mariano Fortuny in Venice.

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A-MAZE-ing Things: V&A Watering Cans and Utensils

I'm thinking spring and I'm thinking these charming watering cans and tools from the V&A (Victoria & Albert) museum collection are just the thing to inspire an afternoon by a sunny window, perusing a stack of seed catalogs (we have a weakness for Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds here at MAZE Home).

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A-MAZE-ing Things: Not your granny's D. Porthault

My mother introduced me to D. Porthault linens when I was a little girl and I’ve absolutely adored them ever since. The colors (you’ll hear me say this a lot, but color is my life!), the prints, the dressmaker details. Divine.

When I decided to open MAZE Home, I knew I wanted to feature these beautiful Parisian linens in the store.

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A-MAZE-ing Things

I have to confess I love everything single thing in the store at MAZE Home (the merchandise, my customers and my wonderful team!).

And I don't want to part with any of them. Seriously, I have separation anxiety when certain items get sold.

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A-MAZE-ing Things: D. Porthault Tigre


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